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Renew Your Skin with Our Full Body Peel

Step into a world where your entire skin is treated to an exquisite renewal process with our Full Body Peel. This is a transformative experience designed to rejuvenate and refresh every inch of your skin.



Discover the magic it brings:

  • Unleash a new layer of skin that’s fresh, vibrant, and radiantly alive. This peel gently removes the old, unveiling the new.
  • Say goodbye to uneven patches and hello to a harmonious, even skin tone that glows from head to toe.
  • Immerse your skin in deep hydration, leaving it supple, soft, and irresistibly smooth.
  • Experience a dramatic improvement in your skin’s texture, making it smoother and more refined.
  • Our Full Body Peel helps in releasing toxins from your skin, ensuring it breathes, feels, and looks healthier.

Discover Even-toned Arms

Embrace the confidence to go sleeveless with our Body Peel! Designed specifically for the delicate skin of your arms, this treatment results in flawless, soft, and even-toned arms. 

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Achieve irresistibly smooth arms that you can’t help but touch.
  • Clear up blemishes and imperfections, revealing clear and spotless skin.
  • Diminish the signs of aging and bring back the youthful vitality of your skin.
  • Lighten dark spots and enhance the natural luminosity of your arms.
  • Say farewell to rough patches and welcome a silky-smooth texture.

Walk Like You Own The Radiance

Step out with confidence with our Body Peel, a treatment designed to ensure your legs look as stunning as they feel. Perfect for those who love to show off their legs.


  • Transforms your legs into a silky-smooth canvas that’s soft to the touch.
  • Improves the overall tone and texture, making your legs look more sculpted and defined.
  • Infuses your legs with deep moisture, keeping them hydrated and healthy-looking.
  • Lightens dark spots and evens out skin imperfections for flawless legs.
  • Boosts the natural radiance of your legs, making them look vibrant and full of life.

V - Bright Intimate Peel



Step into a world of confidence with our V-Bright Intimate Peel. Specially formulated for delicate intimate areas, this peel gently exfoliates, evens out skin tone, and enhances the overall appearance of the skin. It’s a discreet, empowering treatment that supports your desire for confidence in every aspect of your life.


  • Lightens your skin tone, ensuring it looks naturally bright and even.
  • Keeps the area deeply hydrated, promoting health and preventing dryness.
  • Restores the natural pH and flora balance, supporting overall intimate health.
  • Encourages skin renewal, ensuring the area remains youthful and rejuvenated.
  • Boost your natural beauty, fostering confidence and a positive body image during intimate moments.

U - Bright Intimate Peel

Introducing our U-Bright Underarm Peel, where dark, uneven underarms become a thing of the past. Say hello to smooth, even-toned confidence. Designed specifically for underarm concerns, this peel brightens, smoothens, and revitalizes, empowering you to raise your arms high with confidence.


  • Brightens and unifies your underarm skin tone.
  • Minimizes pore visibility for a refined underarm surface.
  • Soothes and calms your skin post-exfoliation.
  • Smooths your underarm texture, leaving skin silky and irritation-free.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs for a clearer, more comfortable underarm area.




What does a Full Body Peel do to my skin?
How long does the whole process take?

Quick and efficient, the peel session is over before you know it. The application is swift, and though results start to show immediately, the full rejuvenating effect unfolds over a few days as your skin renews itself.

How often should I get a Full Body Peel?

To keep that glow going, spacing out your peels is key. We suggest having a peel every few months, as it allows your skin ample time to regenerate and maintain its radiance.

Can I resume my skincare routine post-peel?
How can I extend the benefits of my Full Body Peel?

Hydration is your best friend! Drink plenty of water and moisturize regularly to keep your skin supple. Also, gentle exfoliation after a few days can help maintain that smooth, fresh feel.

Will the peel help with dry skin?

Yes, indeed! One of the beauties of this peel is its ability to deeply hydrate, tackling dryness head-on. Post-peel, you’ll notice your skin feels softer and more nourished, waving goodbye to dry, flaky patches.