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Unleash Your Skin’s Natural Beauty with Tune’s Detan Body Polish



Experience the ultimate radiance boost with our popular Detan Body Polish. The treatment begins by targeting and gently erasing those stubborn tans and sun-induced discolorations. Our specialized formula effectively diminishes the appearance of pigmentation, revealing your skin’s natural tone. This luxurious treatment is your key to unveiling skin with natural beauty and a radiant glow. 

Tune’s Detan Body Polish

  • Effectively removes tan and sun damage, restoring your skin’s natural tone.
  • Infuses your skin with deep hydration, ensuring it remains soft, supple, and thoroughly nourished.
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Leaves the skin irresistibly smooth and silky 
  • Gives an even complexion, radiating health and vitality


How does Tune’s Detan Body Polish work?
Will this treatment detan my skin?

Beyond just detanning, our body polish is infused with moisturizing ingredients that dive deep into your skin to provide lasting hydration. Your skin will not only look refreshed but also feel deeply nourished and soft to the touch.

Is the exfoliation process harsh on the skin?

We use gentle exfoliants designed to slough away dead skin cells without irritating them. It’s a soft-touch approach that leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated, without any harsh scrubbing involved.

How will my skin feel after the treatment?
Can I expect an even complexion after the treatment?

Yes, that’s one of the key benefits. Our treatment not only removes tan but also targets uneven pigmentation, resulting in a more uniform complexion. You’ll notice your skin glowing with health and vitality.

How often should I get the Detan Body Polish treatment?

For maintaining that radiant glow and keeping tan at bay, we recommend scheduling a treatment periodically, especially after prolonged sun exposure. The frequency can be discussed with our experts to tailor it to your lifestyle and skin’s needs.