Lip Plump Swirl Tech

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Why do you want Swirltech?

Discover Luscious Lips with Tune’s Lip Plump SwirlTech



Ever dreamt for a fuller, more beautiful lips? Make your dreams come true with our ultimate Lip Plump SwirlTech treatment, powered by the famous Hydrafacial. This specialized treatment is designed to gently enhance your lips. Giving them a natural, plump look that you’ll love. Lip Plump SwirlTech targets your lips with gentle care. It hydrates and volumizes for a perfect pout.

Why Choose Tune’s Lip Plump SwirlTech:

  • It’s specifically designed for your lips. Get targeted treatment that focuses on hydration and volume.
  • Enjoy immediate results. Walk out of Tune with lips that feel more hydrated and look naturally fuller.
  • Trust in our gentle approach. Our treatment is non-invasive, allowing us to target specific areas and control the intensity for optimal plumping
  • Our Instant Plumping technology is ideal for special occasions or whenever you desire a quick confidence lift.


What is the Lip Plump SwirlTech treatment?
How does the Lip Plump SwirlTech treatment work?

This treatment targets the lips with gentle yet effective care, employing HydraFacial technology to deeply hydrate and subtly volumize your lips. The process is tailored to ensure your lips receive the perfect enhancement without overdoing it.

What makes Tune's Lip Plump SwirlTech different from other lip treatments?

Our Lip Plump SwirlTech is unique because it’s specifically designed for lip care, with a focus on achieving a natural plump look through hydration and volume. It’s non-invasive, providing a gentle yet noticeable enhancement.

Will I see immediate results after the treatment?
Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

Our Lip Plump SwirlTech is designed to be suitable for most people looking to enhance their lips’ appearance in a non-invasive manner. However, we recommend a consultation with our experts to ensure it’s the right choice for your specific needs.

How can I book the Lip Plump SwirlTech treatment at Tune?

To book our popular Lip Plump SwirlTech treatment, simply ring us and book an appointment at your convenience.