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Ignite Your Natural Charm With Bio Fillers



If you’re into the idea of a more natural approach to fillers, Tune’s outstanding Bio Fillers have you covered. These injections are the natural choice for giving your skin a youthful boost. Bio Fillers use a special part of your blood, just like PRF facial rejuvenation, but this time it’s used as a filler to add volume and help smooth out your skin. In short, Bio Fillers rejuvenate your skin from within, using your body’s own resources.

Tune’s Bio Fillers:

  • Are totally natural. They’re a great way to plump up your skin without adding anything artificial.
  • Can help fill in areas like under your eyes (dark circles), cheeks, or lips, making them look fuller in the most natural way.
  • Add volume, and smooth out lines and wrinkles – making your skin look fresher and more vibrant.
  • Work by encouraging your skin to heal and rejuvenate itself, leading to lasting improvements.
  • Show visible improvements right after the treatment. The results can last up to a year.


What are Bio Fillers?
How do Bio Fillers work to improve my skin?

Bio Fillers harness the regenerative properties of a specific part of your blood to naturally plump and smooth your skin. By promoting self-rejuvenation, Bio Fillers effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add volume to areas like under the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

What makes Tune’s Bio Fillers a natural choice?

Our Bio Fillers stand out because they’re completely natural, using substances derived from your own body, rather than synthetic materials. This makes them an excellent option for those seeking a more holistic approach to facial enhancement.

Can Bio Fillers address specific areas of concern?
What kind of results can I expect from Bio Fillers?

You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your skin’s volume and texture following a Bio Filler treatment. The results are not only instant but also enduring, with the potential to last up to a year, as your skin continues to rejuvenate and heal from within.

What is the process like for getting Bio Fillers at Tune?

Ours is a pretty straightforward process. You can simply ring us and book an appointment that suits your convenience. Our team shall guide you from there.